Yay! Maryland Judge Orders Pit Bull Service Dog Returned to Owner

Daniella Guglieimi, who is partially paralyzed, depends on her 4-year-old pit bull, Storm, to help her with life’s everyday routines.

Last spring, thanks to a ban against pit bulls in Guglieimi’s county (Prince George’s County in Maryland), she was told by officials that her service dog had to go.

For several months thereafter, Storm was shifted from one shelter to another.

During the separation from Storm, Guglieimi took a few falls as she tried to maneuver around without her service dog’s guidance.


Stock photo. By: Calvin Dellinger

Recently, a judge ruled in favor of reuniting Guglieimi and Storm, citing that the Americans With Disabilities Act overrides any county bans on breeds.

Maryland’s pit bull advocates are basking in this small victory, but the battle is not over for Storm and his owner: The two of them still face licensing issues. But together they’re taking on their challenges.

Source: Huffington Post

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