Christmas Grinch Steals Little Girl’s Dog (Caught on Camera)

On Christmas Eve, 7-year-old Mia Bendray was enjoying some last-minute shopping with her parents in New York City.

Mia’s dad tied their Cavalier King Charles spaniel to a post outside a shop so the family could walk inside. According to video camera footage, within a few minutes someone was unleashing the squirming dog and walking away with her in broad daylight.

Mia, who had received the dog, named Marley, as a Christmas present three years ago, was devastated. Police gathered the video coverage of the theft and made it available to the media. Flyers were also passed around the city.

Christmas grinch steals dog — seen on security video. Via: ABC News

On Christmas Day, Mia and Marley were happily reunited, thanks to Tina Cohen — who had just happened to pass a man on the street trying to sell a dog. She purchased the animal for $200 and took it straight to a veterinarian to be checked out.

From a microchip implanted in the skin of the dog’s neck, along with information from an animal rescue group, Marley’s owners were found.

Mia’s Christmas was complete once she had Marly back in her arms. The alleged dognapping grinch, Brad Bacon, has been apprehended.

Source: ABC News

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