Was This Senior Cat Wrongfully Euthanized?

A woman from Orange County, Florida is desolate over the loss of her tabby-Persian cat, Sophie, who was almost 12 years old. Sophie did not die from natural causes, but rather at the calling of officials at Orange County Animal Services.

Sophie, who was on medication for thyroid problems, had been a part of Lisa Storey’s family for almost 10 years.

On Feb. 17, she disappeared from her home after one of Storey’s special-needs children left the front door open. Storey spent several days going door to door around the neighborhood searching for the beloved cat.

Upon learning that a neighbor had taken Sophie to the local animal shelter, Storey felt an immediate sense of relief — her pet was in a safe place.

Sophie was a beloved family pet. Frame by: WFTV

Sophie was a beloved family pet. Frame by: WFTV

Sadly, when Storey went to the shelter to claim Sophie, she learned that her cat had been euthanized the day she was brought in, despite the shelter’s three-day holding period policy.

Diane Summers, a shelter spokeswoman, claims that the quick euthanization was due to the cat’s poor health — saying the cat was listless and malnourished. Summers also implied that hold times are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Sophie had no identification when she was brought in to the shelter.

Source: WFTV, Orlando Sentinel

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