Woman Evicted for Having a Service Dog

Amy Eisenberg has been given an ultimatum by her landlord — either she or the service dog she has had for several months will have to go.

Eisenberg, who lives in Lower Manhattan in New York City, was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder after the World Trade Center bombings of September 11, 2001.

Eisenberg adopted a 14-pound licensed service dog named Ruby in 2012. Eisenberg says the attentive cockapoo senses whenever her owner is having heart palpitations or anxiety attacks and promptly provides the comfort needed to get things back to normal.


Ruby, a service dog

According to the Fair Housing Act, people with legitimate disabilities have the right to a service dog as long as the dog performs a specific duty relating to the disability.

The eviction notice stems from the fact that the Eisenberg’s apartment building prohibits pets.

The landlord will have the federal government to contend with now. The Department of Housing and Urban Development is investigating the case, which goes to court on August 14.

Source: CBS

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  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    She should win this case! This is not just an ordinary pet dog. I just don’t understand it when someone is against this type of thing. Oh, I know there are people who try to “pass off” their pet dogs as Service Dogs, and they should be held accountable, but those that are legitimate should be allowed to have them. There are laws that are suppose to protect them, for goodness sakes.

  • Debby Hanoka

    Someone should tell Mayor Bloomberg. He is an animal lover to the Nth degree and might intercede.

    • Melanie Neer

      Are you for real? Bloomberg a animal lover? He sanctions those tourist carriage horses that are being abused, and does nothing to help the NYCACC shelters where 100 of pets are “euthanized” each week. His daughter on the other hand IS an animal lover and is trying to ban the tourist carriage horses. Mayor “Doomberg” does nothing to help animals!

      • Debby Hanoka

        My bad. I don’t live in NYC, so I only hear what the SoFla news reports — if it bothers to report at all. So the information I got about Mayor Bloomers-For-Brains was erroneous.

        As for carriage horses, half a lifetime ago when I did live in New York City, I challenged a human “operator” to do the same job the horse was made to do. He refused. I said, “So why make the horse do it?”

  • Melanie Neer

    From what I understand she had her dog for over a year, not just a few months…also there is the NYC Pet Law that if a tenant has had a pet for more than three months, despite a no pet clause in the lease the landlord can’t do a thing. Now because her dog is a service dog the landlord does NOT have a legit case against her